Motherhood (- a poem)

Raw pain undiluted
Pure strain unpolluted
Stressed and stretched
I am a mother

Unpleasant snide directed at me
Unwholesome tirade pointed
Yet am waiting to hold a new bundle
Of joy of motherhood

Playing in in plane-uneven
Fighting with changing rules
Day duty coupled with night
Am alive, i am a mother

Discomfort and distended tummy
Swollen and arthritic joint
Irregular and prolonged restroom
I am a mother

Without pain there is no gain
Without process there is no progress
I will stand the strain and the pain
To be crowned a mother

© Poet Isaacola

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Of course, I want to

fight the odds for you
giving everything
for our lives together

take every ache you give
accepting you wholly
as my favorite pain in the ass

My heart knew its search
was over in
mornings like this

But you left me
like I was never a reason
for you to stay

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I still remember{- a poem}

your promises made
that rainy night:
I’ll always be your sunshine
on a rainy day

your wish the first time
we met:
Some moments are meant
to be frozen in time

your outburst in a spur
of the adrenaline rush:
Who needs a gun
when I am here

your desires buried deep
in your heart:
You’re going to hang on
to this one
© Gere Ochuko

Lotanna an ebook, a light read of scorn, shame, and stigma. Coming out 28th of August, it will be available on this blog for free.



Beautiful – a poem

The unusual wonder we see
laws of nature ruling
Clauses obeyed for sanity
You don’t compare

The night sky glowing
Stars shining
Clouds filled with rainbow
You are splendid

The rain drenched facades
Truth revealed
Bare for all to see
You are amazing

The scented rosy petals
A field of white lilies
Beauty like no other
You are beautiful

© Gere Ochuko